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Sober Isnt Boring: Reasons to Love Sobriety Benefits of Soberiety

The more strategies you learn to identify triggers, cope with stress, and manage your new sober life, the easier it is to prevent relapse. There are certainly many more than just five key reasons to stay sober, but below are five important reasons to maintain your sobriety. As anyone can tell you, you can’t expect a 30-day program to keep you sober for a lifetime. If you feel yourself struggling consistently each day, then check yourself back into a treatment center.

  • Naturally, I chose her because I love her, she’s my best friend.
  • Multiple facilities tailored to your personal needs.
  • In doing this, you’ll find the strength that you might not have known you had.
  • With treatment and enrollment into a sober living program, people vastly improve their prospects for lifelong recovery.
  • Drink…the combinations are myriad, and the results are always the same.
  • Unfortunately, more often than not, I ended up worse off than I had been before adding alcohol to the equation.

A large network of support is necessary to stay sober, but your biggest supporter needs to be you. Talk about them with a treatment provider today. He is a member of over a dozen professional medical associations and in his free time enjoys a number of different activities.

Take control of your life

How many days, weeks, months have you put into a regime of staying clean and sober? Do you really want to go back to square one again? You’ve come so far – don’t throw it away now. Congratulate someone on their sobriety by expressing your support. You might say, «I’m really proud of you,» or «I’m so happy to see you succeed.» Avoid asking questions that are too personal or focusing on the negative aspects of their substance use. Sobriety is a process and setbacks are common. The best way forward for your recovery from alcohol or substance use is to incorporate a wide variety of strategies that will help foster success.

Do I have to tell people I relapsed?

To ensure that your relapse is only a speed bump on your sober road, you need to reach out. Relapse is not failure; remind yourself of this and reach out to someone. Once you've done so: Accept the facts.

Being the parent, spouse, or child of somebody with a drug addiction can be very emotionally difficult. The person doesn’t want to hurt friends or family but will continue to do so until they get help. This can be lamentably true for dependents like children or older parents. Here are the top 10 reasons to get clean and sober that will change your life and make you a better person. No one deserves the pain and heartbreak that addiction brings. You deserve better than a life ruled by drugs and alcohol, and you owe it to yourself to do everything you can to get better.

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Without drugs disrupting your life, you can think about what you want as well as take the necessary steps to get there. If you find it difficult to make new, sober friends, try joining a support group. Again, staying sober isn’t a punishment, it’s a reward.

How does the brain heal after addiction?

Our brains have an incredible ability to adapt and repair – even after prolonged AOD use and addiction. The brain continues to build brain cells and neural pathways throughout our life, and its ability to adapt and change – called neuroplasticity – allows it to modify, grow and reorganise itself after addiction.

If a funeral is too difficult for you to attend right now, feel confident to say you can’t attend. If a wedding is happening, but you’re worried about being surrounded by alcohol, then politely decline to attend. Don’t be afraid to say no and take care of yourself. Listening to reasons to stay sober the voice of experience could benefit you, and an excellent way to access that voice is through a sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous . As someone who has also been down the road of alcohol addiction, chances are they know how to get sober and, most importantly, how to stay sober.

You Want to Live.

Well, we are here to tell you that the benefits of sobriety far outweigh the downfalls. In fact, living a sober life is the best decision that you can ever make. What empty hole in your life does the addiction seem to fill? These are questions that are worked through during therapy and addiction https://ecosoberhouse.com/ counseling. For some, the quitting of the actual activity may be relatively simple, but sticking with the solution can be impossible. In order to stay mentally healthy long term, it is important to find the root cause of addiction and find something healthier that can replace it.

It may feel like a temporary solution, but using will only create more problems that you will have to face, in addition to the problems you are already dealing with. When you feel the pull of alcohol, stop and check in with what that feels like. Don’t try to fight it or curse yourself for «letting» it happen, see if you can interpret how it feels; the quality of the urge. Does your neck get hot or your fingers tingle? Think of how the feeling is affecting you and try to ride it out. I’m trying to take care of myself, and you want me to take care of an animal?

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Picture your past self standing before you, then take your love and compassion and hold it in a ball of light in front of you. In your imagination, give the ball to your past self and watch as your love surrounds and eventually engulfs them. This is exercise is a little out there, but it has proven to be beneficial for staying sober. If you’re fortunate enough to have friends and family that have continued to stay by your side, then seek them out. If you’re having a hard day, they will rush to your aid to ensure you don’t slip back.

Stay sober, get home safe at the Mocktail Contest — KBTX

Stay sober, get home safe at the Mocktail Contest.

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